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This Social Media Management & Digital Consultant Training course in Nigeria equips you with critical content creation and management skills. You’ll learn how to create effective social media posts like videos, images, products, and even E-books using your smartphone or laptop and how to create a strong brand to help you build a social media presence. You’ll also learn how to establish an ongoing process to manage your content.

This course is intended for people who want to learn how to create and manage a business presence on social media, including creating content, interacting and engaging with customers on social media, and evaluating the results of different posts. Learners don’t need marketing experience, but they have basic internet navigation skills and are eager to participate and connect in social media. Having a Facebook or Instagram account helps.


  • Fundermentals of Social Media Marketing
  • Learn the rules of social media engagement and the disruptive impact
  • How to develop, implement & Manage social media strategy
  • Gain indepth knowledge on business social media, marketing tactics, how to set social media goals, and most importantly, how to achieve them.
  • Recognise which social media platforms are best for each client and their social media goals..
  • Build an inbound social media strategy that delights your customers and grows your bottom line
  • Fundamentals of social media content creation
  • How to create & design classy Video using smartphone/laptop
  • How to design attractive Graphics using smartphone/laptop
  • Copywriting Secret — Sales copies that touch the heart
  • Efficiently create and curate great content that gets results.
  • Content Calenda> Free content schedule for social media
  • Ebook Creation and 3D Mockup design

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  1. zee

    Wonderful and loaded training. Thank you so much guys

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