Smartphone Photo & Image Editing Course


Learn how to edit images and product photos using your smartphone

For business owners, image editing is crucial; it can transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one. It’s a valuable skill to have, especially if you want to attract the right customers/clients. You can also learn image editing even if you do not own a business; it will transform those vacation or family pictures and make special memories.

Course Content

*Face editing:
Downloading the App
How to make facial impressions
How to change hairstyle
How to adjust sizes of facial features
How to add makeup
How to change facial features
How to add hair color
How to add smiles to a nom- smiling face
How to make yourself look younger or older
How to achieve a masculine or feminine look
How to add glasses to your face
How to add beards
How to do face swapping
How to change background
How to change photo effects
Watermark removal

*Product editing
Downloading the App
How to add different backgrounds to your products
How to add text and text background
How to combine two products in one image/picture
How to change products effects
How to add some features/design to an already plain background
How to add social media icons and your social media handle.

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  1. Uju Nnaya

    Wonderful training, i really enjoyed it

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