How to write, design, and market any E-book using only your phone or laptop


EBook Creation and Publishing Tutorial. Learn The Secrets of Creating Profitable Ebooks using only your smartphone or your laptop

In this eBook creation training course, you will learn how to create and publish professional eBooks using free tools on your phone or laptop. An expert training and accomplished author and business owner give you access to everything you need to know to become highly successful and profitable by creating and distributing eBooks..

Look at what you will learn in this Ebook creation course

All the software we will use are free for you to get

  • Learn How To Design, Build and Publish an eBook Quickly using your smartphone or laptop
  • Learn How To Quickly Write, Distribute and Profit From Your Creativity
  • How to design beautiful and attractive ebook pages and 3D Ebook covers free
  • Learn how to sell your ebook in different currencies like in Naira, USD, Ghana cedis, SA Rand ETC.
  • How to become a professional ebook author through the internet and sell your books to people around the world.


  • How to come up with hot selling ebook topics that so many people would buy.
  • How to create and use the free ebook to promote and market your business ( free tools you need)
  • If you are a blogger but not making money from ebooks,  then you are killing your business.  The solution is here.
  • How to use social media to attract paying customers and sell your ebook. At the end of this course, you will be able to create your Ebook digital product and make money from it.

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  1. Peter

    The best Ebook training so far, i really enjoyed it

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